The London-based advertising agency isobel has conducted an online survey among 1250 UK adults in December 2013 to discover the happiest brands in the UK. As it turns out, for the British the happiest brands are digital giants, confectionary and body care labels. The ranking is topped by Cadbury, Andrex, Google, Fairy and Nivea, with a range of banks and political parties occupying the bottom of the list.

Nivea Men has launched the campaign titled Life Hacks to make UK men’s lives a bit easier. The effort includes a series of short videos with simple tricks that can help solve everyday problems. The body care brand doesn’t feature its products in the videos, but uses the spots to explain that boring skin care regimes can be simplified with the Nivea range just like daily routines are hacked with these smart solutions.

Two big names in affordable fashion—the Biersdorf-owned skin care brand Nivea and the British fashion designer Giles Deacon—have teamed up for London Fashion Week to make the skin of young females «fashion-ready» with a limited-edition collection of 3 NIVEA Soft pots featuring signature «girly» designer’s illustrations.

Nivea UK celebrates Valentine’s Day with a great interactive video campaign, which invites the audience to get into the middle of a girl’s date. The “Date To Remember” video, launched on the brand’s YouTube channel, introduces a girl named Emily, who is on the first date with her dream guy. With this campaign, developed at Agency Republic, Nivea invites its fans to add more fun to the date by clicking on the objects in the restaurant.

Nivea For Men is launching a new campaign to support its men’s lines in Northern European markets—the theme of the new promotion, developed by the CMW integrated creative agency, is bar tricks. There are many ways to win the attention and recognition of the people around you, and mastering plain, but impressive tricks can make the path to the glory to be even shorter.

The blue tin has been the symbol of NIVEA since 1925, and has contributed a lot to the brand’s high recognition on the market. Over the decades, the brand’s parent company Beiersdorf has been developing the brand basing on its core values. 2013 is the year when the NIVEA skin and body care portfolio gets a major design update, which starts rolling out gradually across more than 200 countries in January.

Nivea, the #1 lip care brand in the world, kicks off its annual competition dubbed Kiss of the Year Contest, which encourages US consumers to share their intimate moments on Facebook for a chance to win once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to kiss in front of millions on the Nivea Kiss Stage in the heart of Times Square. The brand is calling its fans to submit their romantic, dramatic and extraordinary love stories to a dedicated tab on Nivea USA Facebook page. Entrants are asked to write an essay explaining why they deserve to have a memorable kiss on the stage at Times Square. The contest is one of the first holiday activations launched by global brands ahead of the upcoming Christmas season.

Nivea is offering its fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share their personal style and creativity on a cap of a lipstick. The cosmetics brand has launched a competition dubbed ‘Kiss of a Style’ on its Facebook fan page and is calling its US consumers to join in to develop a design for the Nivea Care Lip packaging for truly memorable kisses. The winning limited-edition design will go live and be featured on caps which will be sold in stores across the USA in early 2013.