Tapping into the “collaborative consumption” trend, the e-commerce furniture store Made.com in the UK has encouraged current and potential customers of the platform to reach out to each other in physical space and share experience. The site prompts shoppers to meet those who have already purchased furniture from the site to see how they integrated the pieces into their interiors.

John Lewis is celebrating its 150th anniversary with a massive effort that involves a release of products as part of new creative collaborations, bringing back the old and beloved visuals, and the rollout of promotional elements that mix nostalgic twists with tributes to the present. “For 150 years, you’ve never stood still. Neither have we,” reads the tagline.

Selfridges is rolling out a massive campaign, Hello Beautiful, that celebrates diversity of beauty and encourages people to share their definitions of beauty. The project that encompasses digital and outdoor promotions, in-store events and activities is called The Beauty Project, a 6-week curated program that will feature “talks, interactive debates and immersive beauty experiences.”

IKEA USA is rolling out a new project, “IKEA Home Tour,” that aims to share design tips and home furnishing expertise literally on the go. The furniture retailer forms a team of home design experts that will explain local customers how to create truly comfortable and efficient living spaces. IKEA Squad will undertake two makeovers side by side with the home owners, using the IKEA products.