As Mintel European retail analysts foresee, this year’s Black Friday will generate sales growth of 80-100% comparing to the last year’s sales of around £100 million. However, shopper engagement in this pre-Christmas season in the UK will remain relatively low as it was lat year. Just 15% of the surveyed consumers said they made major pre-holiday purchases during Black Friday in 2013.

The latest research by Kantar Media TGI argues the effectiveness of low-price messages in winning the UK consumers. According to the study, price and savings are driving the purchase decision of less than a quarter of shoppers in the country, while the rest of consumers get motivated by an array of other factors.

Target is contributing to online shopping by launching a bunch of brands, which are available exclusively online. For the US retailer, it’s another way to deliver a better experience to the consumers who prefer to purchase goods in the comfort of their homes. With this move, Target also aims to drive more consumers to its online platform and become a stronger player on the e-commerce market.

As the Black Friday rush in the US and Canada is over and the official Christmas shopping frenzy is almost there in the Catholic (and, frankly, all the remaining) world, retailers and brands are looking to make the most of this holiday season in every possible channel: physical stores and malls, on the web, on mobile devices and even in social media.