Škoda has kicked off a new integrative promotion in the UK , which is revolving around solving mysteries. The auto brand, which promoted its Fabia model with great ‘Cake’ and ‘Made of Meaner Stuff’ commercials by Fallon last year, teamed up with the agency again to launch the ‘Škoda Puzzle’ campaign as part of its TV sponsorship of the US Crime Drama on Channel 5.

Comparison stands behind any considered choice, and any confident global brand tends to provide its consumers with an opportunity to examine both the positive and negative sides of their products—and sometimes weigh its offerings against goods by other manufacturer. Sometimes, companies also step outside the product world and help compare lots of other things—sexes, automobiles, brothers, tastes, political parties, athletes and more—to help determine which of the two is better, stronger, messier, tastier, faster, more attractive, reliable, sportive, etc.  In this overview, we won’t focus on serious ratings revealing carbon footprint or social impact, like Nike’s Environmental Apparel Design Tool, Timberland’s Eco Index or GoodWill’s rating—instead, as tribute to April Fool’s Day, which was celebrated last Friday, we will focus on humorous and tongue-in-cheek projects.

Škoda is launching a new multi-million pound national marketing campaign for the Fabia vRS. The 12-week push, which was bought and planned by MediaCom, is centred around a 30 and 60 second TV commercials and will see Škoda unveiling a ‘meaner’ side for the high-performance Fabia vRS. The new advert features a «Made of Meaner Stuff» strapline—a darker twist on the Fabia’s «Made of Lovely Stuff» proposition which was made famous by the 2007 Fabia «Cake» spot.