The Coca-Cola Company is rolling out “The World’s Cup”, the largest marketing campaign in its 128-year history, ahead of the upcoming FIFA World Cup. The marketing platform will include a range of elements such as “Where Will Happiness Strike Next” documentary-style short videos, The Happiness Flag photomosaic that will highlight fan faces and messages, FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour, and many more. 

Pepsi UK is adding a bit more adrenaline to its non-energetic drink Pepsi Max with its new online effort, The Unbelievable Channel, that is rolling out on YouTube. The campaign, which syncs with the brand’s “Live for Now” positioning, targets a younger generation of guys who love extreme sports and want more of this energy. The online channel will feature numerous videos documenting unbelievable feats and experiences delivered by Pepsi Max and the ad agency AMV BBDO.

One of the best ways to make an ad viewed and talked about by larger number of people is to make it controversial. The Dr Pepper brand has posted a new visual to its Facebook page—actually, quite a conventional one,—which ignited a lot of buzz in the comments. The ad titled “Evolution of Flavour” actually depicts an evolution of a man, featuring three stages of a human’s development: Pre-Pepper (an ape), Pepper Discovery (a cave man), and Post-Pepper (a man as he is now). This approach has been used numerous times in all kinds of visuals, but this time it turned to bee really offensive for some fans of the Dr Pepper page.

Pepsi has teamed up with AAPE by A Bathing Ape to produce a series of collaborative products that will include T-shirts, umbrellas and other goods to be released soon. The first product of the brands, released as part of this collaboration, is a limited-edition Pepsi Moonface Camo cans, which reflect both Pepsi’s iconic design and the streetwear label’s visual approach. The series, which includes two colorways, will be available only in Hong Kong.

Mountain Dew pays tribute to one of the iconic franchises in the cinema world, the Batman films, and celebrates the arrival of the latest (and the last) installment in the Dark Knight trilogy with a digital twist. Ahead of the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises in the USA, slated for July 20, the soft drinks brand launched a dedicated community, which features exclusive and never-before-seen Dark Knight content, which shreds light on the events which happened within eight years between the trilogy’s second and third films.

Coca-Cola UK unveiled the Olympic Torch Relay commemorative bottles to celebrate the people who are carrying the Olympic Flame during its 70-day journey around the UK. Ahead of the great sportive event, which will open in less than two months, on July 27, the iconic soft drinks brand presents a plethora of special edition designs, which pay tribute to the athletes and sports. This set of Coca-Cola and one Coke Zero bottles pays tribute to those who are sharing their time and devotion to help the Olympic spirit spread vast all across the country and the planet.