Mountain Dew reveals Dew Bottle Tool—the bottle gets transformed into a wrench

Mountain Dew, the perfect drink for young people in love with extreme sports, has redesigned its bottle to turn it into a useful tool for skateboarders. The brand has released a limited edition bottle with a cap that doubles as a wrench—skateboarders can use it just on the spot to fix the gear.

The brilliant idea is highlighted in a 100-second video by Sancho BBDO that features a guy on a skateboard, who rides it in the first half of the spot and has to repair it in the second one. The street athlete fixes the wheel using the Mountain Dew green bottle with a special wrench piece, integrated into the cap’s surface. The simple solution adds a mending power to the element of the bottle that previously has had just one function—to help keep the liquid inside.

“The other 50% repairing what he breaks. Mountain Dew presents Dew Bottle Tool. The First Tool in a Bottle Cap,” says the brand.