Sony Xperia is calling the international community of music artists to participate in its Talenthouse competition for a chance to receive a digital single deal with Sony Music UK. As part of the competition, the brand asks musicians, bands or singer-songwriters to create and submit an original track to the contest page. The best one will get the dream prize.

Brands deliver tons of products and services across the globe, but do they really contribute to making people’s lives brighter? In June, Havas Media released its annual Meaningful Brands index (MBi) outlining a positive impact of brands on people’s lives. The study comes as a unique framework to “analyze and track the connections brands have with our quality of life and well-being,” as the global media expert explains it.

Sony is giving Australians a great opportunity to make use of bad photos they’ve taken during the holidays. The brand has launched a new advertising campaign dubbed ‘No More Bad Photos’ to promote its Cyber-shot HX20, which encourages people across the country to upload their bad stills for a chance to go on the holiday again and re-experience all the exiting moments worth capturing.