Stella Artois, which comes as an official beer sponsor of The Open Championship and Wimbledon, is rolling out a campaign that centers on perfection and sheer excellence. The effort dubbed “World’s Greatest Events,” is dedicated to people who know how to create various things with a high level of expertise. This effort is all about “people who work tirelessly in private to make excellence public.”

Following in the footsteps of Heineken with its Sub, Stella Artois has presented the home system for best-in-class in-home draft experience called PerfectDraft in the USA after a rather silent debut in Europe. The piece allows all beer affectionados to enjoy premium Belgium lager in the comfort of their homes. Stella Artois says the launch of the countertop draft system across the USA will help the brand “elevate the home-bar experience around the globe.”

The prime Belgium lager Stella Artois, known for its dedication to art and elegance, has revealed four beautiful musical instruments crafted using fine brand’s chalices. For the project, Stella Artois has collaborated with musical craftsman Andy Cavatorta, who has constructed the offbeat musical instruments, and indie rock band Cold War Kid that have composed a charming symphony of glass.

Traditional taste and smell enhancers, celebrity advice, coherence with a person’s image—all this can make the product, both eatable or not, more attractive to a consumer. But there’s also another thing that can make virtually any product on the market more attractive. This magic non-physical intensifier is a ritual, which adds a new enjoyable dimension to the process of consuming a product.

To support the idea of craftsmanship behind the Pouring Ritual, Stella Artois launches an inspirational project, The Connoisseur Series, that goes live on the brand’s newly launched UK YouTube channel. The series of clips come as video portraits of renowned quality craftsmen, “connoisseurs,” who use their special rituals to do magic in their field of professional interest.

The lager brand Stella Artois, which has a strong emotional connection with the cinema world, launched its new ad during the live broadcast of the Oscars on Sunday. The advert titled “The Artist,” which has nothing in common with the silent movie under the same name, celebrates the craftsmanship behind each glass of the beer.