A bunch of positive and negative things can happen within just one hour, one can get yet more in a single day—to say nothing about seven billion people living on the planet now. Vimeo, WWF, UN, Water.org, American Red Cross, The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and around 60 humanitarian organizations are supporting the One Day on Earth project, which is launched to showcase the life of people across the globe in 24 hours. Everyone is invited to contribute their voice to the project by sending in footage about how they and people around them live on 11.11.11. The registration is now running on the OneDayOnEarth.org website.

The Coca-Cola Company is taking a decisive step further in its commitment to help positive social changes continue around the globe. The company, which reported that it has recently awarded $9.6 million in grant awards to more than 40 global community organizations during the third quarter of 2011, yesterday, September 22, announced a partnership with UN Women partnership to promote women’s economic empowerment.