Cities are gradually evolving into more personalized spaces, allowing citizens to organize their life in the most sustainable way. Originally being areas for masses, cities are shifting towards focusing on individuals—their intellectual and physical needs, their passions, social and environmental views and aspirations.

Within the past year, there have been two major trends in re-arranging urban life: on the one hand, cities tend to be eco-friendly and more comfortable; on the other hand, the urban environment integrates technology for communal living, thus gets more tech-oriented and somewhat futuristic.

Find some most vibrant trends in urban living that will gain momentum in 2014, below.

BMW is closing its urban-centric initiative, BMW Guggenheim Lab, with a summarizing exhibition that will review the most valuable findings, concepts and experiences generated during the three stops, in NYC, Berlin, and Mumbai for the past two years. The exhibit entitled Participatory City: 100 Urban Trends from the BMW Guggenheim Lab will be rolling out for almost three months, from October 11 through January 5, at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York. 

ABSOLUT is backing the transformation of an abandoned trolley terminal in New York into the first world’s subterranean park, the Lowline. The project, which has been partly funded through Kickstarter in early 2012, is now getting more support from the iconic alcohol brand that will be donating $1 from each sale of the new Absolut Lowline cocktail in participating bars.

Metro, a free UK tabloid newspaper, is inviting the nation to share their urban experiences in a new campaign. As part of the promotion by Dare, the audience will be using hashtags #Metrohigh and #Metrolow to tweet their best and worst personal moments that “make or break” them in the city. The new urban cross-platform marketing initiative is launched to support the new strapline for the newspaper, “Metro. Made for the city.”

With mobile devices and advanced computer technology available now, knowledge can be accessed distantly and at any time. Still, people sometimes need wisdom to be packed and delivered to them in portions, preferably in the physical dimension. The focus is gradually shifted to teaching on the go, and more mentors are hitting the road to bring their expertise to the public across the country or sometimes even across the globe. Brands gladly support or even initiate such initiatives aimed to break into the cluttered informational realities of consumers, teach the curious minds something new and let them evolve as creatives.

To complement its two-year activity, BMW Guggenheim Lab has released a comprehensive guide across the most prominent urban trends, which have been explored and discussed during its three past stops in NYC, Berlin and Mumbai. The global lab, focused around the life in a big city, has published 100 Urban Trends: A Glossary of Ideas from the BMW Guggenheim Lab for NYC and Mumbai, following the release of the Berlin edition in 2012.