Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam has come up with a design solution for the teen-targeted Coca-Cola Music platform that celebrates its living beat through technology. They have created a special app, Dynamic Logo Creator, that generates unique sound signatures based on particular songs—an iconic contour bottle is the major element of the logos. The idea of an ever-changing logo has been put at the heart of the new visual identity for Coca-Cola Music.

The article is co-written by Jamey Wagner, Executive Creative Director, and Will Kladakis, Account Leader for Interbrand Cincinnati

Louisville Slugger® is the most recognized brand in baseball. Over 60 percent of Major League Baseball (MLB) players swing a Slugger, including Derek Jeter, Josh Hamilton and Evan Longoria in the American League and Buster Posey, Joey Votto and David Wright in the National League.

American Airlines started a new year with a new visual identity developed by FutureBrand. The company has waved goodbye to its old red and blue AA Silver Bird symbol and unveiled a new logo and exterior for its planes for a modern twist to the company’s image. It’s the first update of American Airlines look in over 40 years. The colours, slightly refreshed, remained the same (they are blue and red as before), but the symbol (the eagle) is now spreading its wings wide, instead of rising them above.