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Darren Foley

Managing Director,
Pearlfisher, London

Energetic, diligent and focused, Darren works best when he’s driving things forward, and every day he applies his in-depth design knowhow to the task of developing Pearlfisher for the future. As Managing Director, he runs the London studio with a straightforward and common sense style, motivating and empowering our internal teams and ensuring the business has the appropriate resources to meet our, and our clients’, ambitions.

Darren joined Pearlfisher in 2002 as Realisation Director, inventing the concept of realisation and advocating a design process in which our technical and creative teams work in harmony from the beginning. He has worked in the design industry for close to 25 years, starting out as a junior production artist, and amassing an unparalleled depth of knowledge for the discipline.

When he’s not in the studio, Darren puts his diplomacy and management skills to test on the football field – as an FA qualified coach and manager of the Parkfield Youth FC Under 10s team.

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