Methodology in 2011

At Popsop, we thought it would be great to make the process of evaluation as transparent as possible.That is why we decided to select the best “brand senseis” using a clear and simple tool—the montly rating program. The logic is fairly simple. The process can be described in 5 steps:

1. Popsop team compiles the most topical and hot brand-related news, campaigns and activities, sends that list to the experts for consideration.

2. Industry experts evaluate each brand campaign giving points from 0 to 10 by 1 criteria, or two (if one feels it makes sense) or even by 3 criteria at once, if the selected campaign is comprehensive and complex.

3. Experts send their completed voting forms to Popsop manager which publishes the data online.

4. Selected brands accumulate the score monthly. The average by each criteria is estimated as arithmetic average of a set of the experts’ votes; respectively, the average brand score equals arithemic average of aggregate score by each criteria, as—

where a—score, and n—number of evaluating experts.

5. As a result of all this, in June 2011 we’ll define* 3 brand senseis in ECO, FUN and MIND categories—those ones who gain the highest scores by each criteria. Moreover, we’ll award the Best of Show Sensei—the brand which will gain the highest total score.

* more info on the exact place and date of the award ceremony is coming soon.