Chipotle Mexican Grill goes from emotional animation to action-packed four-episode comedy series, “Farmed and Dangerous,” to raise concerns about food produced in non-ethical ways. The project that encourages the audience to take a new look at the world of industrial agriculture in America, and see the dangers of “improved” ways of growing cattle and vegetables.

Chipotle, an international Mexican food chain, is taking on the artificial food producers, Big Food, in the new ironical promotion, The Scarecrow. The brand, targeting Gen Y, has chosen a cartoon-based visual approach to communicate its sustainable philosophy through a 3½-minute animated video ad as well as a downloadable game. Interestingly enough, the promotional elements have virtually no branding—the chain’s logo appears only in the intro of the game and in the end of the spot, so that it contributes not to Chipotle only, but to the healthy eating standards in general.