Most social networks help people to close themselves: typical photos, common trends, minimum words. The same happens in digital marketing: effective promotion, an endless number of likes and nobody can even recall what product it was for. But even digital part of Universe has an absolute harmony and the role of savior from this sand castle system plays YouTube.

To celebrate the power and success of LGBT athletes in international sports competitions, YouTube is launching a new effort that features a range of sport celebrities who have declared they are gays or lesbians. The idea of the 2-minute video, the centerpiece of the effort, is to show that everyone has the right to be what he or she is and play the sport he or she really loves.

YouTube enables independent cinema fans across the globe to view part of the 2014 Sundance Film Festival program in the digital space for free. People can watch and vote with their views for 15 short films from this year’s program. Additionally, the audience can follow the Live @ Sundance streaming that covers the latest news related to the event, rolling out these days (January16–26) in Utah, USA.

YouTube, the virtual domain where any unknown but talented artist can become a true sensation, is announcing its first-ever YouTube Music Awards show. The inaugural 90-minute ceremony is slated for November 3 at Pier 36 in New York. Google-owned video platform YouTube will leverage its online power to livestreame globally. The ceremony will feature both live performances by recognized artists and pre-recorded stunts by artists from across the globe, from Seoul and Rio to Moscow and London.

The Barclaycard global payment company focuses on their high level of personalization in a new digital campaign, developed by Dare. Following in the footsteps of Old Spice and the “Responses” hunk-themed activation, Barclaycard has launched the “Bespoke Offers” all-digital multi-platform campaign  centered upon the personalized 1-minute YouTube clips about twitterers.