As the Black Friday rush in the US and Canada is over and the official Christmas shopping frenzy is almost there in the Catholic (and, frankly, all the remaining) world, retailers and brands are looking to make the most of this holiday season in every possible channel: physical stores and malls, on the web, on mobile devices and even in social media.

The 2012 presidential election in the USA was definitely the first social media political election across the globe. Now, with the rapid development of the web and technology, when digital sources help people sharing their choices in all fields, the winner is the one who manages to establish its strong presence on the web, be it a consumer brand or a president.

Green is an everlasting trend influencing the performance of virtually any brand and company, which want to develop a positive image around the globe. Traditionally, leading an eco-oriented life implies a number of activities, such as recycling or skipping to water (energy, air)-saving technologies or just encouraging people to switch off the light when they leave the room, etc., and in fact there’re no new territories to explore here.