Aesop, the UK-based brand storytelling agency, in collaboration with online polling company OnePoll has ranked the top 40 consumer healthcare brands perceived by the British as great storytellers. Unilever-owned Vaseline has been identified as the leader in the overall list of top performers, followed by another skin care expert E45 owned by Reckitt Benckiser, and P&G’s cold-relief brand Vicks.

For this year’s festive season, the body care label Aesop has released a range of gift kits that visually pay tribute to non-festive design. In 2013, the Australian brand got inspired by the Italian Futurist movement of the early XX century, rendering the crisp, clean and bold visual aesthetics of the avant-garde artistic phenomenon.

The adopters of the famous Greek fabulist Aesop’s approach, the namesake London-based agency has conducted a comprehensive research among 1530 18+ U.K. residents to reveal the top 10 ‘storytelling’ brands, referred to as those that are “engaging, memorable, with unique character and personality, with a clear sense of purpose/vision, authentic and believable,” among other storytelling credentials.