With the rise of technology and gamification trends in the modern consumer world, outdoor advertising is rapidly evolving from mere paper posters and billboards to multisensory pieces that are engaging, educational, entertaining and sustainable. This article offers a brief recap of some game-changing examples of how to harness the power of traditional on-the-wall ads by giving them a little tech and/or designer tweak. Below, there’s a list of wall and outdoor advertising, split into categories, depending on the approach applied.

Following the advent of Strongbow’s digitally-enabled bottle top StartCap, based on an RFID technology, and Heineken’s Ignite battery-powered bottle that responds to light and motion, another globally recognized beer brand Beck’s has created a not-for-sale prototype of a music bottle that can be played on a specially-built device based on Thomas Edison’s original phonograph.

The beer brand Beck’s, which has been supporting independent creative talents for decades and has launched a number of initiatives dedicated to art, is going to present a new set of artistic bottles on the U.S. market in a month. The new limited-edition bottles, which are arriving in stores in early May, will features the works by American artists and will come as an addition to the great Art Label collection, which celebrated its 25th anniversary last year.

For Beck’s, beer always goes hand in hand with art—this year, Anheuser-Busch InBev’s brand is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its Art Labels project by launching a plethora of themed activities (the recent Beck’s Art Crawl exhibit if one of them) revolving around creativity. In collaboration with Mother London, the brand has started an ambitious three-year initiative dubbed The Green Box Project, celebrating art, independent talents and technology at the same time. Beck’s is offering artists from various creative fields (not only visual) a unique opportunity to get their pieces showcased in the groundbreaking virtual gallery for people to ‘unlock’ them via augmented-reality in “the visually stunning and technically pioneering” Green Boxes designed by Jason Bruges—they will be located across more than 80 countries in major cities of the world including London, Miami, Milan, New York and Rome to name but a few.

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of its ongoing Art Labels campaign, Beck’s is presenting the best graphics which appeared on its limited edition bottles over the past two and a half decades. The exhibit dubbed ‘Beck’s Art Crawl’ and is rolling out at eight pubs across East London from April 11 through April 28, unveiling the archive of bespoke label artworks by celebrated international artists including Tracey Emin, Jeff Koons, Bruce McLean, Richard Long, Tim Head, Tony Oursler, Tim Noble & Sue Webster and Roderick Buchanan.