A battle for customers’ love and wallets between global stalwart brands and nimble tech-savvy challengers gets a new spin: the latter arrange funding programs for the former to fuel innovation culture in their organizations and get a fresher vision. Instead, startups get access to knowledge, financial support and customer base of global corporations: a win-win situation. 

MINI is the fastest car brand ever in delivering new competitions to its broad creative community. The carmaker is rolling out another contest, “Framed,” on its MINI Space platform, urging its fans to play with edges, the element that is usually considered just a background. The submissions should now put the focus not on the object in the photo, but the way it is framed within the picture.

MINI, an auto brand with British roots, is unveiling its latest model range that marks a profound change in the car’s appearance and technology. The new MINI is 10 cm longer, 4 cm wider and 7 mm taller than the previous version, and it has also got a longer wheelbase of 2,8 cm. While growing bigger in terms of physical dimensions, the car has also evolved technically, featuring new controller devices, futuristic display designs and more.

BMW is closing its urban-centric initiative, BMW Guggenheim Lab, with a summarizing exhibition that will review the most valuable findings, concepts and experiences generated during the three stops, in NYC, Berlin, and Mumbai for the past two years. The exhibit entitled Participatory City: 100 Urban Trends from the BMW Guggenheim Lab will be rolling out for almost three months, from October 11 through January 5, at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York.