Procter&Gamble delivers two brands in one commercial—the company released two ads, in which it puts two products into the spotlight at the same time. One of the adverts starts with a presentation of Bounce Dryer Bar in a laundry room, and while a gentle woman is telling how to use the product, shouting Terry Crews invades the room by crashing through the wall on his jet ski. It is just like a huge explosion, but the Old Spice’s spokesperson just couldn’t help it—“Old Spice is so powerful it sell itself in other people’s commercials.” The shocked female presenter without any hesitation (though, with a sour face) admits that the invader does smell power. While Isaiah Mustafa, the iconic Old Spice face, has a more refined, ‘the best man (and sometimes Santa Claus) in the world,’ Crews has being sticking to a more aggressive ‘breakthrough’ manner to advertize the product.

Building on the terrific success of reality show ‘Bud United: Bud House’ that aired during the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Budweiser is going to roll out another sensational project entitled ‘Bud United: The Big Time’. This is a next-gen project launched in course of the Bad United experiental platform. The latest endeavor of the beer brand is all about getting little people hit the big time. The casting is now performed through the brand-operated pages on social media, including Facebook and Renren

Now, with AR being probably the most powerful advertising tool in the set of ‘reality’ features used for promotion, let’s look back at another, traditional ‘reality’ promotional approach, which still works perfectly. TV commercials with their made-up plots, characters and dialogues can appeal for sure, but genuine emotions of real people are much more convincing. Building on the success of extremely popular reality programs, brands launch their own initiatives of this kind to entertain and educate audience while spreading the word about the goods—some of these projects are grandiose, the others are small-scale, but this format never leaves consumers untouched.

Product placement eliminates the border between today’s movies and commercials, making films look like extended adverts, packed with multiple (usually) brand products. The trend isn’t new, but over the recent years it has been really blooming, and that’s why it deserves to be thoroughly observed. Brandchannel, the webby-award winning website from Interbrand—the leading global brand consultancy, published its Brandcameo Product Placement Awards 2010, honoring the good, the bad, and the ugly (and the most) product placement in films released.

Budweiser has something new for its loyal fans—the UK launch of Budweiser ‘66’ lightly carbonated  beer with a touch of sweetness for a smooth, easy taste at 4% abv was announced back in April 2010, and now the alcohol brand is happy to present its new product in packaging designed by jkr agency. The bottles and cans’ look retain Budweiser’s iconic visual authenticity, still some of its features was a bit adapted to the modern tendencies.