Budweiser is forming a true street band with the help of established musicians as part of its ongoing global campaign “’Budweiser Made for Music.” The beer brand is searching talent on the streets and subways of such big cities as London and New York with a goal to find the best musicians for its “ultimate busker band.”

Following in the footsteps of Coke Zero’s Sweater Generator fun-packed contest, Budweiser has introduced its own sweater-themed promotion in line with the holiday knitwear season. The beer brand fosters a little revolution in sweaters production, making grannies step aside and give way to contemporary installations, powered with social media. Budweiser’s Twitter-powered knitting machine, Knitbot, creates sweaters fueled with tweeted commitments to not drink&drive.

Budweiser Brazil has introduced a whole new approach to friending people on Facebook. The beer brand is now testing special glasses, “The Buddy Cups,” which enable anyone to befriend a person by just clinking the cups together with him or her at a party. Thanks to a microchip that is embedded in the bottom of the glass, drinkers can make friends on Facebook instantly, when toasting.

Going against a basic principle of product design «form follows function», the American brewing giant Anheuser-Busch is experimenting with the packaging of its signature brand Budweiser for the sake of innovation. Starting May 6, the company will be rolling out nationwide a new format of cansa bow tie-shaped aluminum can that echoes Budwiser’s bow tie logo. The new product does not substitute traditional cans and will be available in an 8-pack in the US only.