Mountain Dew pays tribute to one of the iconic franchises in the cinema world, the Batman films, and celebrates the arrival of the latest (and the last) installment in the Dark Knight trilogy with a digital twist. Ahead of the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises in the USA, slated for July 20, the soft drinks brand launched a dedicated community, which features exclusive and never-before-seen Dark Knight content, which shreds light on the events which happened within eight years between the trilogy’s second and third films.

The Cannes Films Festival is a huge event for both cinema world and the world of consumer brands, which is proved by numerous festival-related campaigns, brand promotions and long-time sponsorships. Some brands do not only launch campaigns and products dedicated to the event, but also tap recognized filmmakers to create short films to be showed at the festival. This year, Prada teamed up with notorious film director Roman Polanski to shoot a short film/commercial starring starting Helena Bonham Carter and Oscar winner Sir Ben Kingsley, which was screened at the Cannes Film Festival last week.

Heineken USA, the world’s leading international brewer, and the Tribeca Film Institute announced their partnership to establish and launch the Heineken Affinity Award. The award, which aims to empower and recognize a working generation of African American filmmakers and encourage them to continue to craft stories that share their experiences and visions, will launch during this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. Heineken USA will host a private launch event on April 27th to raise awareness about the program. The winner of the Heineken Affinity Award, a rising African-American filmmaker (age 21 and over) will be honored with a $20,000 cash award and year round project support and professional development from the Tribeca Film Institute.

The US most intensely creative and up-and-coming filmmakers are ready to make their debut as the Sprite Films program returns to spotlight bold and innovative talent. Eight promising filmmakers have been chosen by Sprite to make a name for themselves in the film industry with the unique opportunity to participate in a film competition spanning multiple colleges and universities across the United States. Sprite is providing a nationwide platform to shine a light on the aspiring filmmakers, and is also introducing the filmmakers to seasoned actor Tyrese Gibson who will provide guidance and insight to ignite the film students’ creativity and overall experience throughout the filmmaking process.

While the Stella Artois lager brand is celebrating cinema spirit with its promotional initiatives ahead of the Cannes Film Festival, Grolsch has stepped into the art-house filmmaking world with its Grolsch Film Works production platform, doing its part in supporting independent movies. The Dutch beer brand, which launched the platform back in April 2011, last fall announced that a new film, which was to merge creative visions of three directors (from Russia, Poland and the USA) went under production. The new experimental film titled ‘The Fourth Dimension,’ funded by Grolsch and created in partnership with Vice Films, finally premiered last weekend at the San Francisco International Film Festival.