Previous Intel-inspired Ultrabook initiatives included such brisk projects as ‘The Beauty Inside’ and ‘Pop-up theatre’. Now Intel launches a competition called ‘Four Stories’ for those indifferent to cinematograph and traveling as well as to technology. The Ultrabook maker offers people to write a script for a ten-minute short film set in a chic W Hotel, featuring an Ultrabook as a key character in the script. 

This summer, Stella Artois is promoting its cider with a pinch of French atmosphere and reference to one of the most stylish game, bowles. On the Stella Artois UK Facebook page, the brand has kicked off a new sweepstakes, inviting its fans to win a limited edition boules kit (C’est boules. Not bowls) for great night out with friends. The competition, which is open for the UK residents, is running through the end of summer, the submission period closes on August 31.

The Mountain Dew beverage brand has launched a global campaign to support the upcoming long-awaited ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ movie in nearly 20 countries around the globe, in Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Prior to the launch of the international activation, which will include on-pack promotion, in-store displays as well as TV, cinema, radio and digital advertising, the brand kicked off a promotion in the US, which includes the platform to engage fans online.

Coca-Cola is committed to supporting young filmmakers by launching numerous cinematic competitions targeted at younger creative talents—directors, scriptwriters, cameramen and producers—under its major brands. This time, the Coke Zero diet soda brand and MOFILM are inviting aspiring film producers to compete for a chance to work with Forest Whitaker and Phillippe Caland from Junto Box on developing a script for a feature movie.