The global automobile manufacturer Cit­roën and celebrated French designer Ora-ïto unveiled a new concept of the car, which blends the vision of the Middle Ages engineers with the our era car making traditions. The new creation, named Evo-Mobil, which doesn’t seem to be turned into real vehicles for today’s highways (at least, soon), actually looks more like a spaceship than a car.

Those who spent days and months looking for a dating partner and still can’t find him or her, now have an online tool, which will help them put an end to this tough search and finally select a perfect match. This might seem a bit weird, but the solution comes from… a global automobile manufacturer, Citroën. With a new interactive service, Dating 2.0, users can specify the features a potential partner should have, and after all the preferences being processed, they get a picture of the ideal date standing by the best-matching Citroën DS3.

Citroën DS3 embarked on a tour, transporting comedians Dan Adams and Christian Ancliff to their first ever Edinburgh Fringe Festival, August 6-30. The Citroën DS3 Ecomedy Tour saw the two stand-ups piloting a DS3 DStyle 99g and gigging all the way from London to Edinburgh (a journey of over 500 miles) all on a single tank of fuel.

Is it easy to wash a car’s windows? Yes, but not when it comes to Citroën C3. The new concept requires you to have something more than conventional cleaning equipment—brain, muscles and a sense of humour. The auto manufacturer teamed up with the H agency, Paris, to launch a lovely campaign promoting the model with its huge windshield of 1.35 meters. The brand challenged four weird characters with a task to make the giant glass clean.

Citroën is promoting its new service of selling and buying used autos with the help of a new ad featuring the most popular “star” of the recent news — Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull. The main idea is that if you buy a car, which has already been owned by someone, its technical condition can be bad. Still, Citroën Select, the new program, guarantees that any vehicle from its venue is always worth the money you pay for it.