Over the next three years the famous brand Lacoste is going to donate $500,000 to a campaign aimed at protecting rare animals. The company with a green reptile on its logo will give the money to save this very creature, the Gange gavial crocodile from extinction. As for now there are only 1,400 of them left in the world. The saving initiative is likely to be supported by other brands as well.

The charity (RED) campaign to fight AIDS  is extending. Now the famous American shoe company Converse, that has been making footwear since the early 20th century, helps promote the movement’s and gives American residents a chance to win (RED) prizes. Any USA internet user can enter their personal information at www.livenation.com/rednights and be the one who wins famous Converse shoes and a ticket to the concert of Fischerspooner, an eccentric electroclash band, in New York.