Today, when the number of consumer brands, people and trends is huge and the army of their fans is tremendous, the question of which of them is most well-liked pops up. Following other news websites, Bloomberg Businessweek created its own list of things popular in America now (taking 2010–2011 as the time span), scaling them from 0.75 to 14,594,874,110,347 based on their sales, presence on the market, in social networks, etc.. The rating is “a deep dive into what’s totally beast, right now—not just the bestselling, but the fastest-selling; not merely the market leaders, but the ones gaining the most market share.”  The entries are not competing with each other, there are just figures, which represent commercial growth or a range of other indicators.

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Just as Glastonbury and London’s mini heat wave ends, a sun-kissed future beckons for some. These lucky ones will seek advice from the sages of TripAdvisor, slip on their favourite Havaianas, spend sleepy afternoons by the pool, and have furrowed brows eased by the songs of amorous cicadas.