Traditional taste and smell enhancers, celebrity advice, coherence with a person’s image—all this can make the product, both eatable or not, more attractive to a consumer. But there’s also another thing that can make virtually any product on the market more attractive. This magic non-physical intensifier is a ritual, which adds a new enjoyable dimension to the process of consuming a product.

Corona Light, the number one imported light beer in the US, is debuting a new national marketing campaign that encourages consumers to trade-up from their brown bottle domestic light routine to a Corona Light for a refreshing change of pace. As Corona Light continues to strengthen its brand identity, the light beer brand is looking to increase its trial with consumers who are used to buying domestic light beers.

Aiming to build brand visibility, drive trial and ultimately increase rate of sale in the on and off trade during the busy Christmas sales period, the new ‘Corona Extra Summer’ pop-up beer garden will bring a touch of summer to London’s Southbank extending the ‘sunshine beer’s’ consumer reach while temperatures plummet outside.

Corona Light is going to feature some of its Facebook page’s fans on one of the most renowned ad space in the U.S., on the 40-foot-tall digital billboard on New York City’s Times Square. Through this promotion, which has been recently kicked off on its Facebook page, the Mexican beer brand is encouraging its consumers to share their photos (at least 500×500 pixels), which will be later displayed to public in NYC from November 8 to December 5.

Corona Extra is expanding the Corona mindset to surprising places this fall with a new ad campaign for the USA that goes beyond the beach. The debut TV spot, called «Moments,» features a montage of scenes with people relaxing with their Corona Extras, but at fresh, unexpected places—from a mountain vista to a Big Sur cliff to a New York City rooftop. The spot closes on a couple on the iconic Corona beach, with the new tagline «Find Your Beach.»