The Second Annual International e-Waste Design Competition has been announced. This year the event initiators call for those who care about the future of our planet, to present their designer solutions on reducing the e-waste—total amount of used computers, laptops, mobile phones and printers that grows each year as people buy new models and get rid of the outdated ones.

One of the biggest computer manufacturers, Dell, announced it wants to convince consumers that it offers also a wide range of premium products along with cheaper alternatives, and it should not be considered only as a maker of ‘economy class’ products. The company, which is actually holding No.2 position on the list of PC manufacturers, announced that it is going to invest heavily to re-construct its image. Though, the company does not unveil the sum officially, last week it was mentioned that Dell is ready to spend «hundreds and hundreds of millions» on the promotional campaign.

Recently Apple posted iPad sales of 2 million+ since its launch. The iPad can send emails, draw pictures, play games, and is an electronic reader. With more and more apps available, it’s blurred the lines between smart phones and tablets and computers, a view that is sure to become more blurred with Applie’s introduction of the iPhone 4G, that introduces more than 100 new features. Competitors are not been waiting to see how things shake out.

The (RED) campaign aimed at raising awareness about fighting AIDS in Africa is growing bigger with new holiday additions on Facebook. Now you can kiss your lover, friends or relatives with (RED) lips. It’s not just a picture of a kiss, you hear all the romantic sounds, which can be heard when you give someone a smack. Then, you go and buy (RED) presents.