Dell is releasing the new installment of its marketing campaign dubbed “Learning Meets Doing”. The new piece is focused on two people—a creative man who is all about making concepts, and his assistant who helps realize the ideas. The digital effort is spanning multiple social channels such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, with the main hub being a Tumblr page.

Dell has released a mockumentary that describes its “recently opened” center for selfie-improvement. While many criticize the selfie phenomenon, Dell decided to seize the movement and build a whole campaign on it. The effort is rolling out on the brand’s corporate tumblr page that is full of micro content that revolves around past and present of selfies.

Along with providing entertainment to millions of users, online services help people around the globe overcome natural disasters. In crisis, websites and social media channels are among the top destinations, where users search answers for vital questions (today, the Internet is the third most commonly used source of getting emergency-related information), and technology giants are supporting this trend. In September 2011, Google in cooperation with the American Red Cross launched its Google Crisis Preparedness website to help people find relevant information and tools, which can help them prepare for a disaster and overcome it by communicating and collaborating. Now, the Red Cross and Dell are taking the initiative further and unveil a Washington, D.C.-based Digital Operations Center, the first-of-a-kind social media-monitoring platform, aimed to provide humanitarian relief. In addition to that, the Red Cross also announced a Digital Volunteer program “to help respond to questions from and provide information to the public during disasters.”

Giant companies provide vital support to small enterprises, giving people behind them with an opportunity to expand their business and make it big, doing small things. The team of big corporations, which already includes Cisco, American Express and Facebook to name but a few, is now joined by Dell, which is offering small businesses in the USA a chance to win $25,000 in its products preloaded with Windows 7 Professional & Office Home and Business, a $50,000 prepaid card from MasterCard, and their own online reality show. The submissions to the America’s Favorite Small Business competition are accepted on a dedicated page on YouTube through September 11.

Toyota (#1), 3M (#2) and Siemens (#3) lead Interbrand’s new global report, ‘Best Global Green Brands.’ In its first global report to focus exclusively on green, Interbrand, the leading brand consultancy, combines public perception of environmental sustainability (‘green’) with a demonstration of that performance based on publically available information and data.