MediaLAB Amsterdam has suggested a scent-based approach to improving postures. The development team have introduced the PosturAroma necklace for women that is supposed to inspire the female wearers to keep their backs straight. In addition to bringing the therapeutic benefit, the accessory can be used to help ladies feel safer in the street by improving their mood and self-esteem.

Ford Motor Company and The Coca-Cola Company have collaborated to design a car with sustainability in mind. Together they have presented the first-ever vehicle with the interiors that feature fabric made of the same renewable materials that are used to make Coca-Cola’s PlantBottles. This is the first time the technology behind the Coca-Cola plant-based PET plastic bottle was leveraged to create something not in the packaging field.

After launching a limited set of its revolutionary Glass to a select number of consumers, Google have made another contribution to the wearable electronics trend. The tech giant has partnered with adidas to create a pair of shoes that come to be a true walking-and-talking sneaker. The digitally-enhanced product was unveiled at the SXSW Conferences&Festivals, taking place in Austin, TX, March 8-17.