Diesel has collaborated with the popular contemporary culture magazine i-D to create a motion-packed spot dubbed “A-Z of Dance.” In the video, a team of street dancers perform 26 moves, one for each letter, in alphabetical order. The spot, filmed in Los Angeles skyline, promotes the new collection of Jogg Jeans, the denim/jersey hybrid pants that are perfect for dancers or just people who love to move a lot.

Diesel’s first-ever artistic director Nicola Formichetti, who joined the label this spring, is presenting his debut capsule men’s and women’s collections for the brand. Called #DIESELTRIBUTE, the collection by the 36-year-old Japanese-Italian designer, known for his rebellious and off-beat creative vision, comprises signature elements from the brand’s history attached to the apparel pieces and accessories.

Diesel has recently rolled out a campaign to push Jogg Jeans, the product that fuses durability and style of denim with ultimate softness and comfort of jersey sweatpants. The lineup of the jeans modified with the soft fabrics touch to fit the active lifestyles was silently introduced back in 2011, but it’s the first time Diesel actually speaks loudly about this innovation.

Diesel mixed magic and psychology this season to help a group of young guys and girls reveal their true Christmas morning feelings they used to experience when they were little kids. The brand launched the Magic of Christmas promotion on its website, where it has posted three videos starring young Diesel fans who were hypnotized to act just like they were 5 years old. Believe it or not, all the reactions in the videos are real, Diesel says.

Diesel celebrates life beyond the web by launching a new international initiative, which is linked to the re-launch of the YUK Pre-Internet shoe from 1993. The brand is encouraging its fans to get disconnected from their social media life for at least three days for a chance to win shoes from Diesel. “Stop sharing things online for three days and you could win 20 pairs of shoes! Select Facebook to participate, add Twitter and Instagram to complete the challenge faster,” calls Diesel. Get back to the pre-Internet time, when life was also cool, go do various real things, meet different people and have real offline fun just it was two decades ago.

Diesel has announced some plans for the upcoming year. The brand is teaming up with the EDUN label founded by Bono and his wife Ali Hewson, a global fashion brand bringing about positive change through its trading relationship with Africa,” to launch a new collaborative collection in spring 2013. So far, the brands do not say much about the new line, but considering Diesel’s braveness and EDUN’s Africa-benefitting philosophy, the denim range is expected to combine a creative twist and a social/eco conscious approach.