Old Spice, which previously encouraged guys to “believe in their smelf,” now launches another U.S. campaign, which also touches on the smelling theme—“Answer the Smell of the Wild.” The new promotion, developed by Wieden & Kennedy in Portland, Ore. (the agency is behind all the campaigns the brand has rolled out in the past years), features two spots, which demonstrate how the inner beast can help you be a true man—both with ladies and in the game. With the new push, created to support the launch of the Wild Collection (Wolfthorn, Hawkridge, Foxcrest scents), Old Spice continues to reveal the secrets of manliness with a pinch of refined humor.

The massive storm Sandy left the New York along with many parts of the eastern United States devastated these days. The hurricane killed at least 50 people and thousands ended up knocked out of their normal life since the disaster caused floods, blackouts and driving millions of losses for insuring companies. While millions of citizens in the area are trying to get over the disaster, brands are also contributing to the recovery—in their ways.

Google is committed to provide audience with numerous opportunities to broaden their cultural horizons. In 2010, as part of its Art Project, the Internet giant opened the doors of the most celebrated museums around the globe online, allowing users to view art masterpieces in detail on their computer screen, and in May 2012 it invited to explore the wonders of the world online. This spring, Google  also unveiled an online platform dedicated to Nelson Mandela’s life and work, and now it invites the audience to explore 42 exhibitions about people’s storiesbehind major events of the last century, including Apartheid, D-Day and the Holocaust,” says Google Blog.

Google pays tribute to small businesses in the UK by rolling out a new product, the AdWords Credit Card, which enables them to pay for the AdWords service and coordinate the spending. The internet giant has launched a dedicated page www.google.co.uk/adwords/businesscredit, where users can learn more about the new program, launched on Sunday, October 7.

Skype is taking its “Skype in the Classroom” initiative further by introducing more online lessons, based on partnerships with international organizations from various fields to educate kids around the globe on important issues. As part of celebrating World Teacher’s Day last Friday, the VoIP service launched several new classes by NASA and British Council—to join in, users are just asked to click of the class plus click on the “Sign up to take part” button.

To inspire international creative community, Stolichnaya Premium vodka has rolled out an online project at www.ORGNL.TV. The brand has been playing off the idea of ‘being original’ in its previous campaigns including the search for the most original Britains and the spring digital initiative too. This is a hub showcasing the creative process of noted art, music, and fashion experts and offering people to upload their own videos to the website to share their own creativity with others.