The house of Dior is highlighting the components of its fabulous aroma compositions with a digital odyssey across the brand’s gardens around the world, from France to Madagascar. As part of this digital effort, the brand has released a marvelous 8-minute video that focuses on the flowers that are «source for Dior’s skincare exceptional performances,» along with a detailed description of each garden.

Miss Dior is spreading the spring and feminine spirit with its latest “La Vie En Rose” advert. It is the second time Sofia Coppola and Hollywood A-lister Natalie Portman have collaborated on a commercial for the perfume brand, with the first spot launched back in 2011. To highlight the sweet and romantic atmosphere, the ad features a plethora of white, cream, red and pink roses just everywhere.

The story of close relationship between brands and cinematography started nearly at the same time as the cinema itself was born—in the beginning of the  movie era, the big companies promoted their products though short clips which were screened before movies. Now it’s not that easy to tell for sure for which product the pioneer ad was created, but according to a range of sources (IMDB is one of them), the first filmed advertising for a today’s global brand was shot for Dewar’s Scotch Whisky (1897). Today, connections between filmmaking industry and brands go beyond this simple presence and include a lot of examples such as much discussed product placement, festival sponsorship and opening cinema clubs, cinema-related advertising campaigns, collaboration with filmmakers on commercials, and creating movies under brands’ supervision.

Sofia Coppola, who directed the lovely commercial for Miss Dior Chérie in 2008 featuring model Maryna Linchuk, is back with a new advert for the brand, this time starring ‘The Black Swan’ film’s leading actress Natalie Portman. The new campaign, which was announced back in December 2010, includes a series of prints as well as a TV advert to be officially launched in March.

Eat the city, drink the city, wear the city. Is it possible? With brands, there’s nothing beyond the bound of reality. The second part of our Brands and the City review is championing brand’s editions dedicated to metropolitan areas and smaller locations around the globe. Vodka, soft drinks, travel guides from luxury makers, burgers, accessories, coffee products, sneakers and a range of other goods, which pay tribute to various destinations, are now in the spotlight.