Disney makes the touches sound with the new technology, Ishin-Den-Shin, which is translated from Japanese as “what the mind thinks, the heart transmits.” The innovation allows to transmit a sound from a body of one person to the ear of another one—through a physical contact, not in a traditional, “mouth-to-ear” way.

If a year ago no one could have imagined a game where Jack Sparrow battles, say, Mr. Incredible, this year Disney Interactive is to unveil a whole new gaming experience where it is possible —a new project Disney Infiniti, which is to be released in June on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, Wii, PC, mobile devices, and Nintendo 3DS.

The article is written by Ted Mininni, President of Design Force Inc, USA

Marketers know how to trigger children’s emotions; how to trip the “have to have it” switch on. One of the best, often-sought ways to endear brands to children is the use of licensed characters on kids’ products. Yet this isn’t always a success. If anything, it can be a hit or miss proposition.

Coca-Cola (#1) takes the lead in Interbrand‘s 2011 Best Global Brands report for the 12th consecutive year. Another brand leader is Apple (#8). With a brand value that increased a staggering 58 percent, Apple is this year’s top riser and, for the first time, it sits amongst the top 10 brands listed in Interbrand’s report (see the full list of brands below).

M&M’s will open its first shop outside the States in London’s Leicester Square tomorrow. The US chocolate brand that is worth around £1.7 billion and belongs to Mars, Inc follows the trend of so called ‘retailtainment’ where global brands use their flagship stores as tourist attractions as well as shops. For instance, Disney recently re-designed its Oxford Street store to include famous Disney characters, a cinema and its own ‘closing ceremony’ at the end of each day.