Fanta is making the most of its advertising. Coca-Cola’s orange soda brand has released an edible print in a range of the Middle East lifestyle publications to promote the new improved taste of Fanta. Consumers don’t have to buy the drink to try the new “deliberately orange” flavor—they can simply eat the promotional page, as it is printed on a rice orange-color edible paper. In this traditional playful manner, Fanta encouraged fans to share the tasteful ad with others.

Ahead summer in Australia, Fanta launches a new campaign entitled Unbottle the Fun to tap into the happiness and joy the hot holiday season brings. Coca-Cola’s brand is going to challenge Aussies teenagers with a series of fun-packed “Funstigator” missions through December 31. The promotion is centered around the new app, which can be found either on the brand’s Facebook page or be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Fanta has unveiled a digital campaign targeting teenagers from mainland China between the age of 12 and 19. With the new online app published at the brand intends to provide fun and entertainment and keep the students learning while playing an online game. This local campaign is a part of global ‘Less Serious’ marketing platform and was developed by Ogilvy & Mather Group Shanghai.

Fanta creates more play for consumers with the brand’s most unified and largest global marketing campaign to date. ‘Less Serious,’ launched in 2007, will now reach teens and moms worldwide in regions representing 90 percent of the brand’s global sales volume in 2011. The fun has started in many markets around the world and is kicking off in the United States on March 30, with the broadcast debut of Fanta’s ‘Chase’ commercial on ‘American Idol’ on FOX.

Eat the city, drink the city, wear the city. Is it possible? With brands, there’s nothing beyond the bound of reality. The second part of our Brands and the City review is championing brand’s editions dedicated to metropolitan areas and smaller locations around the globe. Vodka, soft drinks, travel guides from luxury makers, burgers, accessories, coffee products, sneakers and a range of other goods, which pay tribute to various destinations, are now in the spotlight.

This summer was a busy one for Israeli teens with all the promotions arranged by Coca-Cola Company’s brands. One of them was The Coca-Cola Village, which featured a-la Facebook ‘likes’ and provided its young guests with an opportunity to spend several days in a fizzy beverage’s paradise, and another promo project, Fanta-driven one, Fclub, invited teen consumers to participate in a series of engaging, spontaneous and exciting events.