Ford is inviting European bloggers from non-auto areas of expertise to test its new Ford EcoSport SUV for six months. The bloggers from all sorts of areas including music, fashion, food and sport industries are to drive the vehicle for this period of time and share their experiences on social media as part of the “EcoSport Live!” campaign.

Ford Motor Company and The Coca-Cola Company have collaborated to design a car with sustainability in mind. Together they have presented the first-ever vehicle with the interiors that feature fabric made of the same renewable materials that are used to make Coca-Cola’s PlantBottles. This is the first time the technology behind the Coca-Cola plant-based PET plastic bottle was leveraged to create something not in the packaging field.

Ford Australia looks back into the past to show that many revolutionary inventions did not receive due recognition immediately. Yet, this fact never stopped the inventors and early-adopters and they did pursue their worthy dreams. The new promotion “Believers” puts Ford’s EcoBoost energy-saving engine on the same line with helicopters, mobile phones and encourages mindful drivers to turn to this groundbreaking solution, no matter what doubters say.

Ford Motor Co. is employing the “don’t choose, take both” theme in its latest U.S. campaign titled “AND not OR.” The new cross-channel push, which is set to roll out in April, is designed to promote Ford’s EcoBoost engine family that is positioned as an alternative to many eco-vehicles by other auto brands on the market. The promotion takes on the common misconception that owners of the “green” cars have to choose one thing from two important ones—the ads say that there should be no bargains when it comes to comfort and performance. The campaign will include humorous prints, TV commercials, followed by social media and digital promotions.

Ford is engaging the U.S. online community to promote its latest Ford Fiesta vehicle. The automaker is on the lookout for 100 young adults, so-called social influencers from various areas, who will “convey the unique personality and attributes of the new 2014 Ford Fiesta in an entirely different way,” says the brand. The new initiative, dubbed “Fiesta Movement: A Social Remix,” will be built from user-generated content only.