This festive season, Old Navy is launching a new apparel collection with a high tech twist. Now is the time when technology is integrated in just everything we see and use, and the clothing is no exception—BMW has proved it by unveiling the vehicle-inspired apparel pieces. The Gap’s brand Old Navy is presenting a new Old Navy’s Techno World range of clothing and accessories “with built-in technology as well as a wide range of technological gadgets,” which is appealing to both brand’s fans and geeks in the USA and Canada.

Gap, which shook its fan community with the notorious logo change last year (eventually, the old one was brought back primarily thanks to big buzz across the web), is now launching its new campaign dubbed 1969: L.A. and Beyond, developed by Gap’s Global Creative Center in NY together with Ogilvy and Cool Hunting to provide its consumers with an opportunity to look behind the scenes of the creativity and introducing the brands designers, the 1969 design team, who create new models and denim fits. The new campaign, which has been launched today, on August 1, in the U.S., will be rolling out on the brand’s Facebook page and other online destinations such as Hulu, Daily Candy, Pandora and RollingStone to name a few and in the August issues of national magazines including Glamour, GQ, InStyle, People StyleWatch and Vogue.