Once again IKEA has demonstrated its unique talent to save space without compromising on the contents. The Swedish furniture retailer has installed a hilarious street ad in Germany that delivers three messages, revealed one by one, on the same canvases without any digital element. Named the “RGB billboard,” the ad proves that a truly smart approach can extend interiors with no tech included.

PepsiCo has launched a billboard campaign that features the human circulatory system imagery to highlight the positive impact of sodas on a human body. The red and blue colours of the veins and vessels make up the traditional colour scheme of the Pepsi brand, and this fact became the inspiration behind the “Iconic Refreshment” promotion, developed by BBDO Proximity Düsseldorf.

Volkswagen has added a new portion of blue shade to its “Think Blue.” approach with the launch of the new international campaign “Think Blue.Book.”. The new promotion, which starts with an eco up! commercial, traditionally celebrates the sustainable technologies used in Volkswagen’s new fuel-efficient, low-emission models. A few other videos are set to follow in the coming months.