IKEA is officially unveiling its 2015 IKEA U.S. catalog that is full of new products and awesome insights into how to make the home space the true heaven. This year’s edition titled “Where the Everyday Begins and Ends” focuses on two major rooms in the house—bedroom and bathroom, and explains how to organize these spaces most comfortably, helping reflect the style and personality of the homeowners.

IKEA, a recognized and much-loved expert in arranging home spaces across the globe, has released a report that sheds light on contemporary morning rituals. The new report, titled “Life at Home: A World Wakes Up,” provides a sneak peek into how people wake up, have breakfast, interact with family members, and many more, in eight big capitals across the globe—Shanghai, Moscow, Berlin, Stockholm, New York, Paris, London and Mumbai.

With the rise of technology and gamification trends in the modern consumer world, outdoor advertising is rapidly evolving from mere paper posters and billboards to multisensory pieces that are engaging, educational, entertaining and sustainable. This article offers a brief recap of some game-changing examples of how to harness the power of traditional on-the-wall ads by giving them a little tech and/or designer tweak. Below, there’s a list of wall and outdoor advertising, split into categories, depending on the approach applied.

IKEA USA is rolling out a new project, “IKEA Home Tour,” that aims to share design tips and home furnishing expertise literally on the go. The furniture retailer forms a team of home design experts that will explain local customers how to create truly comfortable and efficient living spaces. IKEA Squad will undertake two makeovers side by side with the home owners, using the IKEA products.