IKEA announces its 2015 Catalogue focused on “before and after” sleep experience at home

IKEA is officially unveiling its 2015 IKEA U.S. catalog that is full of new products and awesome insights into how to make the home space the true heaven. This year’s edition titled “Where the Everyday Begins and Ends” focuses on two major rooms in the house—bedroom and bathroom, and explains how to organize these spaces most comfortably, helping reflect the style and personality of the homeowners.

With the latest catalogue edition, the brand wants to help each consumer personalize the smallest and most shared space in the house—bathroom,—make the most of every square inch of the space and also give it a spa-like feel. To reach these goals, the brand offers smartly designed furniture sets tailored to the needs of each family member—the studies show that 70% of Americans share their bathroom with their spouse or partner.

The studies also show that people lack well-organized storage spaces in the bedroom. The new products and solutions are all about helping people discover new extra space in their old bedroom and also customize sleeping and “just after the wake-up” experience with simple and nice IKEA pieces. Just like in the previous years, consumers will be able to scan nearly 300 items in the upcoming print edition with the special Catalog App to see how these furniture fits into their rooms thanks to the augmented reality “Place in Your Room” feature.

In early June, the brand released the “Life at Home: A World Wakes Up,” it’s first-ever global study of morning habits across eight major cities of the world. The report provides an insight into how people feel at the wake up, eat, interact with family members and get ready for a day in the morning. The interactive “Data Mixing Board” allows readers to apply a range of filters like age, occupation, income, and more to get a clearer picture. In early July, the brand released a mesmerizing ad dubbed “Beds” in the UK to celebrate the furniture that literally makes our day better.

The US paperback catalogue will be available in August—it can be requested here. IKEA is launching its 67 printed editions in 32 languages in 46 different markets in different time.