Jack Daniel’s Australia is going to celebrate its birthday in September with a crowd-sourced bar, and it’s seeking creatives that will help the company implement the idea. Fans are called to donate their precious time as well as enthusiasm, equipment and materials for the future “world’s first crowd sourced bar” that will carry Jack Daniel’s DNA.

Jack Daniel’s Australia celebrates the festive season with a launch of a new interactive experience that focuses on the heritage of the brand and its Lynchburg distillery in Tennessee. The online hub, developed by Arnold Furnace, invites visitors to embark on the tour across the location and discover how they create Jack Daniel’s, one of the most popular Christmas gifts for men of all times.

The whisky label Jack Daniel’s is rolling out the first-ever campaign for the super premium brand Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee Whiskey. The multiple-channel U.S. promotion dubbed “The Order of Gentlemen” is triumphing the core values of a true gentleman, which are character, purpose, integrity, generosity and restraint. All these qualities that make up the only proper code of an authentic manly behavior are integrated into the campaign.

The article is written by Douglas Kaufman, Head of Communications at Cocoon Group

About 30 years ago, my parents took part in a Jack Daniels promotion in which they ‘bought’ one square foot (a foot is about 1/3 of a meter, for the non-Americans reading this article) of genuine Lynchburg, Tennessee property in exchange for their signature and address. The promotion featured a realistic looking title to the land and probably came with some sort of gift-giveaway -both of which were chuckled over, brought home, and promptly forgotten about.

Jack Daniel’s celebrates Independence Day in the USA with a true representation of what craft really is. The whisky brand’s annual tradition is to collaborate with independent artists to create a series of man-crafted posters ahead of July 4—in 2011, Jack Daniel’s unveiled letterpress prints, and now it is taking the idea further and presents a bunch of hand-made posters to mark the occasion. To add the atmosphere of authenticity, the three artists, who partnered with the brand this year, created five unique posters with their own hands using traditional techniques, including embroidery, fred cutting, painting and more.