The problem of bullying might be as big as the problem of direct physical aggression. To help address it, Coalition Against Bullying for Children and Youth (CABCY) in Singapore has launched a nice video that “melts” as it is shared. The animated spot, “Share It to End It,” tells a gritty story of a little boy who has become a victim of bullying in school.

Advertising agency JWT London has conducted a research in summer 2013 to discover what it means to be a man today. The 27-page study reveals the insights into hopes and fears of 500 British consumers of three generations of men: Gen Y, Gen X and Boomers. The “Masculinity & Modernity: Investigating the Men of Britain Today” research spans three major themes—the outer man (self-image, style, beauty, body, and more), the inner man (signals of masculinity, male pride, and more), and marketing to men.

Traditionally, at the end of each year the research firm JWT Intelligence releases the list of Top 100 Things to Watch for the coming 12 months. While in 2013 the most trending topics were the rise of «appcessories,» peer-to-peer partnerships, detoxification and mindful living, in 2014 we might witness the boom of haptic technology, so-called heads-up movement and development of edible packaging.