Now that spring is to arrive in two weeks, all the 2012 New Year celebrations and news about them are left behind, but there’s another New Year marketing project, which is worth mentioning. China celebrated Spring Festival, its national New Year on January 23, and to mark the occasion, PepsiCo launched a lovely campaign dubbed ‘Bring Happiness Home,’ encouraging its consumers and fellow colleagues to go and celebrate the holiday with their family and special ones.

PepsiCo invited a celebrity chef Ferran Adria to help develop new methods and concepts for creative food innovation. The new initiative follows an existing successful relationship between the two parties which began in 2005 and involved Chef Adria’s advice on PepsiCo Spain’s Alvalle brand of chilled vegetable soups and Lay’s Artesanas 100% olive oil among others.

PepsiCo-owned Frito-Lay has kicked off the biggest campaign in the brand’s history by introducing Flavor Kitchen in the very heart of the Big Apple—on Time Square. In course of this week-long event that is slated to last from April 11 until April 15, Frito-Lay will let consumers see what’s cooking in its Flavor Kitchen located in the headquarters in Plano, Texas. Padma Lakshmi, an award-winning TV host, cookbook author and just a terrific cook, will join Frito-Lay executive chef Stephen Kalil and Laura Macintosh, host of the brand’s own “Flavor Kitchen” web series to let the consumers in behind-the-scenes area of snack manufacturing and guide them «from seed to shelf».

In the third and the final chapter of our Brands and the City overview, we focused on brands’ projects which helped enrich city canvas and add more elements to the metropolitan life. Here we collected both projects with a social twist, revolving around the idea of making a city a better place to live, and works with a vivid advertising component, such as branded bus shelters, giant interactive billboards and shop windows, which broadened physical borders of the cities.

PepsiCo‘s Frito-Lay North America division said that approximately 50 percent of its product portfolio will be made with all natural ingredients, including three of its biggest brands, Lay’s® potato chips, Tostitos® tortilla chips and SunChips® multigrain snacks. The products made with all natural ingredients do not have any artificial or synthetic ingredients, and they do not contain any artificial flavors or artificial preservatives, or ingredients such as monosodium glutamate (MSG), yet still have the great taste consumers expect from Frito-Lay.

Frito-Lay is continuing its global campaign focused on promoting the fact of its Lay’s chips’ naturalness. This summer, residents of San Francisco could see a first-of-its-kind handcrafted billboard, which had been carved for 10 days in the open air on one of the city’s streets. Now, the Canadian division of the company has launched a print & TV campaign on the same theme to introduce consumers to real farmers, who supply potatoes for the brand.