LEGO, the brand that has always been associated with younger consumers, now grows up to deliver goods for adults. The manufacturer is unveiling a collection of timepieces for men and women in versatile styles. The watches, arriving in November 2013, are plastic and have interchangeable parts such as the bracelet links and bezels, which is a tribute to the “build yourself” ethos of the brand and a nice move in the era of customization.

It takes a lot to be in hearts of consumers for decades, inspire them and help them live a brighter life. The LEGO brand, which celebrates its 80th anniversary this year, has a lot to tell about its path to success and the inspiration and love which drove the company to the heights. Staying loyal to its kids style, the brand released a 17-minute long animated film, which immortalizes the life of Danish toymaker Ole Kirk Christiansen, who founded the company back in 1932 as well as puts the lives of his successors—his son Godtfred, the second owner of LEGO, and current owner Kjeld, the founder’s grandson— into the spotlight.

When kids are engaged into a creative project, it can result in something really stunning. LEGO’s brand Duplo has commissioned little kids, whose creativity doesn’t know any borders, to develop the shop windows for the department store NK in Stockholm to. In the new project, conceived by Jung von Matt, Stockholm, the young designers will use their unconventional style and fresh approach, making something unusual, which is still kept under wraps—the brand is inviting its consumers to try and guess what this will be.