American multimedia artist Doug Aitken has teamed up with Levi’s to launch a travelling art initiative, Station to Station: A Nomadic Happening, in the USA. Over three weeks in September, an unusual train designed as an art studio will be making stops in ten U.S. cities, bringing site-specific “happenings” and “cultural interventions” to each of destinations on the list.

In 2013, Levi’s legendary jeans style, Levi’s 501, marks its 140 anniversary, and the brand encourages its fans from across the globe to join the celebration on the dedicated page. The jeans, which have been evolving and updating over the past decades to fit the new style movements, managed to preserve its authenticity and original spirit. This is perfectly reflected on the special digital wall, Levi’

Levi’s is explaining how to combine sustainability and style. The brand, which has been spreading its eco-focused message for years, now partners with the Rhode Island School of Design to encourage young designers to adopt the green fashion outlook. The collaboration, launched as part of the RISD’s Designer in Residence program, includes the five-week course, which will be conducted by Nada Grkinich, senior director of Levi’s global footwear and accessories, and Paul Dillinger, senior director of Dockers color and concept design.

Levi’s is presenting a series of limited-edition T-shirts, designed by Brazilian-born artist and activist Vik Muniz, renowned designers The Campana Brothers, visual artist Mark Bradford, and director Carlos Saldanha. The first of them arranges workshops at the Rio de Janeiro arts and technology school, Spectaculu, where he provides in insight into how visual arts and technology are blending together to deliver stunning results. The new Levi’s tees line titled “Friends of Vik Muniz for Spectaculu” features impressive designs, which are a way more that a tees pattern—they work as real pieces of art and evoke strong emotions in those who can feel other people’s pain and joy, despair and creative mood.

Levi Strauss kicks off a new stage of its ‘Go forth’ campaign by Wieden & Kennedy that was first launched in 2009. In 2011, the company used ‘Now is our Time’ message to encourage youth; this year, it is adding a new, more product-related slogan: ‘This is a pair of Levi’s.’ The new slogan will appear in ads not only for Levi’s jeans but also for dresses, shirts and nondenim items. 

Levi’s believes that the best way to get something done is to do it yourself—with your own hands, and the brand arranges its workshops across the planet to provide its fans with such an opportunity. After launching print, photo and film workshops in the US and Germany, the brand has opened its London-based in-store Print Workshop in Levi’s, Regent Street, which will be running from July 13 through August 3, calling all people to explore their creativity and get into live screen printing experience side-by-side with experienced craftsmen and craftswomen.

Denizen, the jeanswear brand created by Levi Strauss & Co. back in 2010, is announcing a new global campaign dubbed ‘We Are Explorers,’ which will see several ambassadors of the brand travelling across the globe and collecting creative inspirations. Levi’s is known for its love for journeys, exploring distant countries and getting new experiences (Levi’s Roadwear and Levi’s Norte a Sur: Una Ruta, 5 Experiencias project prove it), and has ‘transplanted’ this affection onto its child brand.

Brands targeted at creative youth and adults often use social media sites and other web platforms to find new faces and minds for their promotions, and this crowdsourcing trend doesn’t seem to fade away in the coming years. Levi’s, the iconic jeanswear brand, which always encourages it’s consumers to go forth and think outside the box, has launched a casting on Instagram to find new people who will front the upcoming brand’s campaign.