As part of its recently launched campaign, the brand has launched a new interactive platform, called “The Live in Levi’s Project,” that includes a shoppable video as well as numerous insights into the apparel range and into how stars from various domains wear Levi’s. The tagline of the digital activation reads, “A billion jeans. One-of-a-kind stories. This is how the world lives in Levi’s.”

Levi’s is switching from an energy-packed “Go Forth” message, which has been used for the past five years, to a personal experience approach in its new promotional campaign “Live in Levi’s.” The multi-channel effort, developed by FCB and The House Worldwide, builds on real life stories of people who choose to wear Levi’s jeans for various occasions, throughout their life.

Levi’s is partnering with the San Francisco Department of the Environment and I:CO on a newly launched project that aims to dramatically reduce textile waste. The large-scale Textile Reuse & Recycling Initiative that kicked off in San Francisco in early January encourages consumers to donate their old used clothing to recycling facilities through special containers, all to make San Francisco a zero-waste city.

Levi’s extends its recent global campaign, “Make Our Mark,” with a knowledge-focused partnership with the collaborative learning company Skillshare. Together, they are launching a series of online video classes that will help users develop creative skills as different as designing meaningful tattoos, capturing the surroundings with a mobile phone, creating typographics inspired by sound, designing vintage-inspired postcards from the future, and more.

Levi’s new international campaign, “Make Our Mark,”  aims to evoke an inner artist in every person and links to the art project-on-the-wheels, “Station To Station,” which is now being rolled out across the U.S. through September 28. The new campaign, developed by AKQA , invites people to ponder over their creative identities and get inspired by a roster of experts in the fields ranging from music to writing to technology.

With mobile devices and advanced computer technology available now, knowledge can be accessed distantly and at any time. Still, people sometimes need wisdom to be packed and delivered to them in portions, preferably in the physical dimension. The focus is gradually shifted to teaching on the go, and more mentors are hitting the road to bring their expertise to the public across the country or sometimes even across the globe. Brands gladly support or even initiate such initiatives aimed to break into the cluttered informational realities of consumers, teach the curious minds something new and let them evolve as creatives.

Levi’s starts a new chapter in the history of women’s jeans. First introduced in 1934, the Lady Levi’s jeans were revolutionized over the past decades and reached its perfection in 2010 with the introduction of the Curve ID fit system. Now, Levi’s is rolling out its latest innovation, Levi’s Revel, which will make the perfect yet better. The brand’s latest line is built on exclusive Liquid Shaping Technology, which is fused into the denim and controls its stretch.