BMW’s MINI has rolled out three different projects—one in Moscow and two in London. Moscow now hosts an unusual MINI installation at the  Bersenevskaya Embankment where the trendiest clubs and restaurants are located. Four real-scaled MINI models are suspended at 30 meters over the embankment as a symbol of freedom and creativeness.

British Airways invites UK fans to contribute to the Olympic Games using the hashtag #HomeAdvantage. The social symphony derives sounds from tweets, posts and messages on Twitter and Facebook sent in support of GB athletes. Each user can contribute to the producing of a sound wave, which is getting bigger and louder depending on users’ activity. 

Volkswagen has launched one of the greatest Olympic-themed projects this summer—the auto brand, which recently created Fanwagen based on Facebook likes, unveiled a totally unique and hilarious car powered by sport fan screams. The manufacturer launched the Up! Holland Up! project,which  encouraged the Netherlands teams fans to win tickets to the London event by screaming out loud in a weird car 100-meter cheer race, in which the Volkswagen car were running on noise the fans create inside the vehicle.