After seven long months of anticipation and constant checking out the black ‘beta’ version, today one of the earliest social networking pioneers MySpace has relaunched with a new fresh and sleek design, revised concept and irresistibly handsome co-owner Justin Timberlake in a suit and tie on the landing page of the website, exclusively presenting his new namesake single ‘Suit & Tie’ from the new album.

Myspace announced the release of its new Myspace Music Player, which empowers people to access the world’s largest catalog of music online. The new player is the first to provide free unlimited on-demand listening, lean-back personalized radio mode, improved search functionality, as well as instant sync capabilities that allows people to share the music they’ve listened to on Myspace with their friends on Facebook.

Brands come and brands go. Some of them evolve, get iconic and celebrate anniversaries of successful business like Coca-Cola and Mercedes-Benz, and some have to move out of the market, giving space to more innovative and ambitious competitors. In this review we at Popsop will try to figure out if the 10 troubled brands, which according to 24/7 Wall St., “will disappear in 2012,” are really doomed. What they say really makes sense and should be taken seriously: for instance, last year, they predicted that T-Mobile won’t do on its own the following year, and in early March, “AT&T Inc. rose after agreeing to buy T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom AG for $39 billion in cash and stock to create America’s largest mobile-phone company,” as Bloomberg reports. Still, they did wrong predictions for other companies including Kia and BP, which managed to do much better than it was expected (maybe, the predictions will turn to be correct, but over a longer period of time than stated).

MySpace in partnership with Electus and Sprite® premieres the first episode of the original dance web series, ‘Jerk All-Stars.’ Originating in Southern California, jerkin’ is a street movement involving unique dance moves and fashions that has gained momentum virally through MySpace with groups like the New Boyz and Cali Swag District and is now spreading to the masses with everyone from NFL players to CNN anchors doing the dougie.

MySpace is becoming more advertizer-friendly. The social networks began testing a new in-stream ad unit, which helps promote brands by information boxes which appear in the personal stream of users if they agree to read ad posts. The texting period started on February 10 with Coca-Cola’s invitation to download Formula For Happiness Selena Gomez’s song «Naturally» for free.