AEG, the biggest international manufacturer of products and appliances for home and business, has released a documentary, titled “The Next Black,” that focuses on the revolution in the apparel domain, new technology and innovative fabrics. The film covers new trends and the sustainable design solutions adopted by bigger garments brands.

Patagonia is promoting its “buy less, wear for a longer time” philosophy ahead of the Christmas shopping frenzy. The brand has created a film, “Worn Wear,” to celebrate individuals who make the most of their clothing and wear it as long as it’s physically possible. As part of the campaign, Patagonia also partners with peer-edited repair manual iFixit that provides tips on how to revive old pieces of clothing.

Patagonia is now enabling its consumers not only to wear sustainable apparel, but to drink organic beer as well. The 40-year old outdoor clothing brand, known for its eco-focused ethos, has partnered with the New Belgium Brewing company to craft a limited-edition organic lager, California Route. Patagonia has been deeply engaged in the development of the common-style 5.5% ABV beer that is the first drinkable product created by and in collaboration with an outdoor gear brand.

The sportswear brand Patagonia has announced a new initiative The Responsible Economy in the U.S. that focuses on the principle of seeing new in the old. The brand is calling consumers and manufacturers to be more attentive to the old things they are going to send to the landfill in order to save more, both for their pockets and the planet.

Voting for one of the presidential candidates, people usually place economic, social or political programs on the top, but the environmental issue influences the picture of our future as well. The outdoor, surf and sport-related apparel manufacturer Patagonia, which focuses on ecology in most of its promotions, has launched a new campaign titled Vote the Environment, encouraging Americans to consider candidates’ environmental records before voting in November.

Patagonia, a California-based apparel company, rolled out a new outdoor company, which is calling on consumers to repair or resell their Patagonia clothes. The initiative within the Common Threads project is focused on reselling Patagonia clothing that people don’t wear anymore on eBay. Though it sounds paradoxical, there’s a smart idea behind this sustainable and eco-friendly as well as marketing move.