AEG investigates the present and predicts the future of apparel in the “The Next Black” documentary

AEG, the biggest international manufacturer of products and appliances for home and business, has released a documentary, titled “The Next Black,” that focuses on the revolution in the apparel domain, new technology and innovative fabrics. The film covers new trends and the sustainable design solutions adopted by bigger garments brands.

To find answers to a set of questions on digitalization of the apparel industry, wearable technology, sustainable consumer treatment of the garments, as well as on the new level of apparel quality, the creative team behind “The Next Black” interviewed representatives of the leading brands in this category including Patagonia, adidas, Biocouture and Studio XO. The film, produced in conjunction with House of Radon, premiered globally on May 21 on AEG’s Youtube channel. The 47-minute piece is dedicated to the detailed insights into the ongoing transformation of how we produce and wear clothing. Prior to the release, AEG launched a 1.5-minute trailer (view it below).

“We’ve been tackling the question of clothing’s future from many sides, meeting with businesses and designers who present multiple, sometimes intertwining viewpoints on the future of sustainability, technology and mass production”, commented Philip Marthinsen, co-producer of the film. “Some scenarios such as digital skin might sound radical, but many people probably would have said the same thing if we had predicted the future of the music industry back in the mid 90s.”